Chiropractor, Sports Therapist & Trainer Toronto

Dr. Sender Deutsch is a well-respected Chiropractor, Sports Therapist & Personal Fitness Trainer and co-founder of SHAPE Health & Wellness Centres Toronto (SHAPETORONTO.COM). Sender is the developer of Integrated Therapy & Training (ITT), a unique individualized approach to physical medicine and personal fitness. Sender provides health care & training at both SHAPE Toronto locations, at your office, film set or sport venue.
Sender is my man. He’s smart. It’s like I’m getting trained by a brainiac instead of the guy who used to beat me up in high school. I started working with him because I looked a little too Doogie Howser. ~ Seamus O'Regan, Toronto Broadcast Journalist, Correspondent CTV (Bell Media), Former Host of CTV's Canada AM & The O'Regan Files, Member of Parliament
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