"Sender and his staff are second to none. The training programs are personalized specifically to whatever your goals and ambitions are. The staff at SHAPE have pushed me to reach and exceed any and all of the goals I have made. Every workout is fun, new and exciting while still pushing me too my limit and getting the best results possible. From nutrition to the actual lifting of weights they identified my wants and needs, and explained how and why this will help me reach my goals. I feel extremely confident entering the upcoming hockey season in the best shape of my life and I have Sender and his staff to thank for that."
Liam Reddox, Professional Hockey Player

"I have worked with Sender since May 2010. Sender has been responsible for working with me to successfully achieve fitness goals that, frankly, I never would have thought possible. Sender has orchestrated a fitness regime that has resulted in a weight loss of 40+ pounds, 3,000 km on a bike, runs totalling 1,000 km, a new wardrobe (down two full sizes), and most importantly a dramatic decrease in cardiac risk factors - and all this in a year in which I lost my father. Sender is a totally supportive professional. While empathetic and sympathetic to my particular circumstances, he has helped me to contain excuses (and bad habits) so I can focus on the motivation I need to achieve these goals. Sender is a life changer. He's taught me to Nvr Qut, and I have become a role model to others. I wish we met a decade ago. I highly recommend Sender and his team to those seeking self-improvement. With Sender, you will achieve and exceed your goals."
Andrew Shaughnessy, Partner Torys LLP

"I have been referring patients and executive clients to Sender and SHAPE for many years, and I have always been impressed by the high quality of their assessments and treatment plans. My patients and clients are consistently happy and satisfied with the detailed assessments, quality of treatment, and professional nature of the multidisciplinary team working in cooperation with each other and me as the referring physician in managing their care. As part of a comprehensive executive medical program, Sender and the SHAPE Team have risen above all standards of care to motivate those whose lifestyle changes including fitness, nutrition, morale support and encouragement to minimize risks and promote long-term health and protection against illness and lifestyle related diseases."
Dr. Eddie Wasser, Founder of Medevaq

"I started working with Sender and his team at SHAPE in 2006 as an NCAA hockey player. With their training I was able to take my college hockey career to the next level earning a pro hockey contract. I am now in my fourth year pro and I continue to choose to get treatment and train with Sender and SHAPE because they are simply the best! Their innovative training techniques and amazing treatment capabilities have gotten me in the best shape of my life and helped me maintain an injury-free career. I can't thank them enough for all they have helped me with!"
Mike Kostka, Professional Hockey Player

"Training with Sender and his team at SHAPE was a large part of my preparations to compete in the 2011 FIS Masters Cup series in Chile. Sender and his SHAPE Team assisted in developing the power, agility and overall fitness balance that helped me achieve success. My training also helps ensure that I avoid injury in a high-risk sport like alpine ski racing."
Mike Robbins, Alpine Ski Racer

"Sender is my man. He’s smart. It’s like I’m getting trained by a brainiac instead of the guy who used to beat me up in high school. I started working with him because I looked a little too Doogie Howser."
Seamus O'Regan
Toronto Broadcast Journalist, Correspondent CTV (Bell Media), Former Host of CTV's Canada AM & The O'Regan Files, Member of Parliament